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Consumer Complaint Database posted

The Program Administrator announces that a Database of Consumer Complaints is now available on the Adjustable Block Program and Illinois Shines websites. The database provides a summary of complaints received by the programs and the status of their resolution. This report complements the previously released Disciplinary Actions Report and will be updated when changes occur to ensure that the information is up to date and serves as a reliable resource.

In addition, the Illinois Power Agency has filed the 2019 Consumer Complaints Report with the Illinois Commerce Commission. The report describes in more detail 28 complaints received by the Program Administrator between November 2018 and December 2019 as well as three disciplinary actions taken during that period. These complaints represent a very small portion of the over 11,000 project applications received.

In developing the Database and Report, the Illinois Power Agency and the Program Administrator have sought to balance respecting the privacy of complainants and the benefits of having transparent information that can be valuable to other consumers who may be seeking an Approved Vendor/Designee to work with. The Database and Report do not contain any personally identifying information regarding the complainant. (Background on stakeholder feedback on this topic can be found here.)

To be considered a consumer complaint, a complaint generally will need to come directly from the impacted consumer. However, the Program Administrator maintains the discretion to publish information on a complaint received from an ABP Approved Vendor/Designee or a third-party if the complaint provides information that would be valuable to other parties. Generally, complaints from an ABP Approved Vendor/Designee should be directed to the Program Administrator and will be addressed within the scope of the Program.

Illinois Shines Program Timeline

The Program Administrator has developed a Program timeline to help participants in Illinois Shines and the general public understand Illinois Shines Program mechanics and estimated timelines for each step of the application and payment process.

  • Illinois Shines Program Timeline – Summary of each step of the program with estimated processing times. This timeline is customized for use in customer (and potential customer) interactions to help them understand Program timing including REC payments. Additional context is provided about the Program to highlight areas where delays in application processing time are possible.

Community Solar Brochure and Spanish DG Brochure Released

The Illinois Shines Community Solar informational brochure is now live and accessible on the Illinois Shines website.

Additionally, for primarily Spanish speaking project hosts, the Illinois Shines Distributed Generation informational brochure is now live and accessible in Spanish on the Illinois Shines website.

A Spanish version of the Illinois Shines Community Solar informational brochure is currently being developed and will be available in the near future.