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The following companies have been qualified as Approved Vendors in the Illinois Shines program. Definitions of Approved Vendor types can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Types of Approved Vendors

  • Distributed Generation Installer (“DG Installer”): A DG Installer also has received certification from the Illinois Commerce Commission (“ICC”) to perform distributed generation installations.
  • Distributed Generation Project Developer (“DG Project Developer”): A DG Project Developer may oversee client relationships, design of the solar project and site management. The DG Project Developer must utilize an installer for the project who is certified by the Illinois Commerce Commission (“ICC”).
  • Community Solar Project Developer: A Community Solar Project Developer designs and oversees community solar projects. The Developer must utilize an installer for the project who is certified by the Illinois Commerce Commission (“ICC”).
  • SREC Broker/Aggregator: An SREC Broker/Aggregator works with installers, companies, and individuals to submit projects for approval into Illinois Shines. The SREC Broker/Aggregator will be responsible for submitting applications, collecting meter readings, monitoring SREC creation, and distributing payments.
  • Approved Vendor Designees: Approved Vendors may specify a designee to perform various tasks on their behalf, including but not limited to produce and distribute marketing materials, execute disclosure forms with customers, and generate customer leads. You may interact with a Designee rather than an Approved Vendor in the initial customer interaction through to the signing of an installation contract if this is the way your Approved Vendor handles customer acquisition.

Disciplinary Actions Report

The Illinois Shines public display of disciplinary actions involving Approved Vendors/Designees that have been found to have violated Program guidelines can be viewed by clicking the button below:

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