Why is my ABP Project Application on the waitlist?

As of December 2020, Program capacity for distributed generation project applications has been filled and new project applications submitted to the Program are being added to a waitlist.

Project applications are selected from the top of the waitlist as projects ahead of them in the relevant Group (A or B) and category (Large DG, Small DG, or Community Solar) that have been allocated to a capacity block are withdrawn. A project will be selected from the waitlist after project(s) of the same or greater size ahead of it have withdrawn. A project application will be reviewed for compliance with program requirements only after it has been selected from the waitlist.  Because the rate of withdrawals is unknown, it is not possible to determine if or when a project may be selected from the waitlist and thus be considered for an incentive through the Program.

The opening of additional space in the Program to support additional project applications requires the authorization of additional funding through legislation from the Illinois General Assembly. At this time, there is no schedule for by when this may happen.

Waitlists can be viewed on the ABP dashboard for Small DGLarge DG, and Community Solar.