Can I submit an application for a project on my home/small business system to the Program myself?

  • All applications will have to be submitted by an Approved Vendor.
  • For small systems that have already been built (and energized after June 1, 2017), if your installer does not become an Approved Vendor, or work with an Approved Vendor, you will need to choose an Approved Vendor from the Approved Vendor list to apply on your behalf. Each Approved Vendor may offer you different terms and you should review multiple offers and choose carefully.
  • Systems will have to comply with all Program terms and conditions, which may require retroactive adjustments to the system or agreements with the installer. Systems in the Adjustable Block Program must have been installed by an individual who is a “Qualified Person” as defined in Section 16-128A of the Illinois Public Utilities Act and Title 83, Part 468 of the Illinois Administrative Code.