What consumer protections does Illinois Shines provide?

The Agency requires the following documents to be provided to all customers by Approved Vendors participating in the program to ensure strict consumer protections:

  • Disclosure Forms: The Agency, along with the Program Administrator, has developed standard Disclosure Forms for the Approved Vendors to provide to each Program participant before the execution of a contract for on-site system installation or for a community solar subscription. There are different disclosure forms depending on the contract structure that you sign with your installer or sales agent.
  • Contract Requirements: A list of contract requirements were developed by the Agency and its Program Administrator for the Approved Vendors. Your installation contract or community solar subscription contract must cover all of the terms in this list.
  • Brochure: The Agency requires Approved Vendors to give all Program participants an informational brochure prior to the execution of the contract with the Program participant. This brochure is available in both print and electronic form and informs consumers of their rights, procedures for filing complaints, and includes where to more information on the Program website.
  • To further ensure consumer protection, Approved Vendors must also agree to provide sales and marketing information, including contract prices and sales volumes, to the Agency on a confidential basis. The Program Administrator acts on behalf of the Agency to review these marketing materials to ensure that Approved Vendors are acting in good faith.