Why is my ABP project application on the waitlist?

As of December 2020, Program capacity for project applications has been filled. Both Distributed Generation (“DG”) and Community Solar project applications submitted to the Adjustable Block Program are now being added to waitlists for the applicable project category. Subscriptions to Community Solar projects may be available.

Project applications are selected from the waitlist as projects ahead of them in the relevant Group (A or B) and category (Large DG, Small DG, or Community Solar) that have been allocated to a capacity block are withdrawn. A project’s selection from the waitlist is based on sufficient capacity being vacated by withdrawn projects, not on a one-to-one project relationship. Part I of a project application will be reviewed only after it has been selected from the waitlist.

At this time there is not a schedule for the opening of future blocks of capacity. As outlined extensively in Chapter 3 of the IPA’s Revised Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan, obtaining RPS funding necessary for opening additional blocks in 2021 would require passing new legislation.

Waitlists can be viewed on the ABP dashboard for Small DG, Large DG, and Community Solar.