Will the Illinois Shines program continue in subsequent years? (i.e. 2021 and 2022)

Section 1-75(c)(1)(C) of the Illinois Power Agency Act calls for at least 1,000,000 RECs annually from the Adjustable Block Program by the end of the 2020-2021 delivery year, then a cumulative 1,500,000 RECs annually from ABP by the end of 2025-2026, then a cumulative 2,000,000 RECs annually by end of 2030-2031. The goal for the 2020-2021 delivery year has been met and all current blocks of capacity for the program have been filled as of December 2020, with new project applications being put on a waitlist. At this time there is not a schedule for the opening of future blocks of capacity. As outlined extensively in Chapter 3 of the IPA’s Revised Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan, obtaining RPS funding necessary for opening additional blocks in 2021 would require passing new legislation.