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Illinois Shines makes “going solar” more affordable for people across Illinois. With valuable incentives, step-by-step guidance, important consumer protections, and an emphasis on equity, Illinois Shines ensures everyone in Illinois can play a role in our clean energy future. The Program supports the State’s targets to have 40% of its energy come from renewable energy sources such as solar by 2030, 50% by 2040, and 100% clean energy by 2050.

Graphic of IL Shines renewable energy targets. The program will help the state source this amount of renewable energy by year: 40% by 2030, 50% by 2040, 100% by 2050.

The Benefits of Solar

More consumers, businesses, and communities are choosing solar because of its many benefits.

Environmental Benefits

Replacing fossil fuels with solar energy as a source to generate electricity reduces air pollution, helps fight climate change, and contributes to a healthy environment. Solar power, generated from a clean and renewable supply of sunlight, is helping reduce demand on traditional power plants, which often use coal or natural gas. Less usage of fossil fueled plants means reduced environmental and health impacts and slows the effects of climate change.

Economic Stimulation

Increased solar installations due to incentive programs like Illinois Shines create local jobs and economic growth. In Illinois, hundreds of solar companies help build, sell, install, and service solar panels for customers, creating an enormous economic impact. The passage of the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act in September 2021, expanded the Illinois Shines program and created equity requirements for the Program that ensure that the Program is a trailblazer in developing a diverse clean energy workforce and creating lasting community benefits, further feeding the state’s economic engine so that all can share in the benefits of a clean energy economy.

Financial Benefits

As solar technology costs decrease and incentives increase, customers may be able to lower utility bills by generating their own electricity, or by subscribing to a community solar project. Customers should still carefully consider costs, review installation or subscription contracts, and be aware of the variability of future energy rates.

Ways to Participate in Illinois Shines

Illinois Shines provides incentives to solar vendors to develop different types of projects, which can be passed on to customers. Illinois Shines helps you find approved solar vendors, understand which project type might be right for you, and understand the financial considerations of these options. To learn more about RECs, visit Solar and Illinois Shines Basics. To learn more about Distributed Generation and Community Solar in Illinois Shines, and how to consider which project type, vendor, and financial options may be right for you, visit Exploring Solar.

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