Block Capacity Dashboard

The following blocks have closed for the 2023-24 Program Year:
Group A: Small DG, Large DG, TCS, CDCS, EEC CS    |    Group B: Small DG, CDCS, TCS, CDCS
Project submissions are still encouraged to reserve a place on the waitlist for the next Program Year for each Program category.

The following blocks are close to capacity and may soon close for the 2023-24 Program Year:
Group A: EEC DG    |    Group B: EEC CS

The Final Block Sizes for the 2023-2024 Program Year, including the Addition of Uncontracted Capacity Allocation from the 2022-2023 Program Year, in MW, are:

Block Group Tier (Public schools only)Size (Public schools only) Total 2023-2024 Block capacity Remaining Capacity (After capacity is applied to waitlisted projects) 
CEJA Category Group Tier Start capacity 
Block capacity + Rollover capacity in MW Total PY 23-24 minus waitlisted PY 22-23 in MW 
Small DG 40.0037.66
Large DG 40.007.92
TCS 60.000.00
CDCS 10.001.5
EEC – CS 79.750.00
EEC – DG 5.005.00
Public Schools 1, 2, EJC <250 kW 8.838.83
250 – 1000 17.6617.66
1000-5000 8.838.83
3, 4 <250 kW 3.783.78
250 – 1000 7.577.57
1000-5000 3.783.78
Small DG 94.0094.00
Large DG  94.0094.00
TCS 140.00114.62
CDCS 23.0017.7
EEC – CS 84.1934.50
EEC – DG 11.5011.50
Public Schools 1, 2, EJC <250 kW 20.6020.60
250 – 1000 41.2041.20
1000-5000 20.6020.60
3, 4 <250 kW 8.838.83
250 – 1000 17.6617.66
1000-5000 8.838.83

Detailed Program Data

[1] Allocated Capacity: Refers to the amount of capacity made up by batched applications that have been officially awarded program capacity and have been ICC approved.

[2] Batched Capacity: Refers to the amount of capacity made up by submitted applications that have been batched and the batch fee has been paid or is pending payment.

[3] Submitted Capacity: Refers to the amount of capacity made up by submitted applications which have not yet been batched by the Approved Vendor.

[4] Available Capacity: Refers to the capacity remaining after deducting allocated, batched, and submitted capacity from the 2023-2024 Program Year block size.

[5] Waitlisted Capacity Due to Developer Cap: Refers to the capacity that has been waitlisted due to an AV exceeding their developer cap. For more information about the developer cap please reference the Program Guidebook.

Waitlists for 2023-2024 Program Year:


Waitlists from 2021-22 Program Year: