Large Distributed Generation

The Large Distributed Generation category includes distributed generation projects greater than 25 kW in size up to and including 5 MW. The Large Distributed Generation category will comprise at least 20% of the Illinois Shines capacity generally.

Each project that is constructed in this category will be subject to the prevailing wage requirements included in the Prevailing Wage Act with the exception the following types of projects:

  • Projects (greater than 25 kW AC) that were on a waitlist as of the Program’s reopening on December 14, 2021
  • Projects that serve a single-family or multi-family residential building
  • Projects that serve a house of worship and are not greater than 100 kW AC (aggregated with any co-located projects)
  • Projects for which construction can be demonstrated to have been completed before September 15, 2021, the effective date of Public Act 102-0662

For assistance in this project category, contact the Large DG Sector Strategist, Julie Hurewitz, at [email protected] or the Program Administrator team at [email protected].

A large group of solar panels on the roof of an industrial building with blue cloudy sky.

Category-Specific Resources

Category-Specific Updates

This blog includes key items specific to this Illinois Shines project category, but AVs and Designees are still expected to read all Program announcements in full, which contain other critical Program items and updates.