Public Schools

The Public Schools category includes Small and Large Distributed Generation projects as well as community solar projects that serve a public school in Illinois. The Public Schools category will generally comprise at least 15% of the Illinois Shines capacity. Public Schools projects will also feature 20-year REC delivery contracts that pay for RECs over time as they are delivered, rather than the front-loaded payment schedule previously used under Illinois Shines. Section 1-75(c)(1)(K)(iv) of the IPA Act restricts the eligibility of projects under the Public Schools category to those that are installed “at” a public school. In accordance with the Commission’s Final Order approving this Plan, community solar projects developed on land adjacent to a public school or on school district-owned land are eligible to participate in this category.

The courtyard of a public school with a playground in the background.

February 2023 Public Schools Category — Request for Feedback

The Illinois Power Agency sought public comment on multiple requirements for projects submitted to the Public Schools category of the Illinois Shines program. Background on the topics, a list of requirements for the Public Schools category, and relevant questions for feedback were detailed in the linked Stakeholder Feedback Request – Public Schools Category issued on February 22, 2023. Please see the below reference table for the Stakeholder Feedback Request, which were due on March 3, 2023, and the comments received.

Informational Materials

Image of the first page of the Public Schools Program informational brochure.

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Public Schools Program Category Brochure

This brochure provides more information on the Public Schools category in Illinois Shines.

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Public Schools Project Guide

This guide outlines next steps for schools looking to go solar.