Program Help Guides and Application Tips

The guides listed on this page are provided to help Vendors and their Designees in their work with Illinois Shines. Click on a topic to view a resource, which include PDFs and videos.

These guides will be expanded and updated on a regular basis to reflect upgrades and additions to the Program portal. The Program Administrator will update this page when new guides are released. 

For assistance within specific project categories, contact the dedicated Sector Strategist, listed here, or the Program Administrator team at [email protected]

Distributed Generation (Large & Small)

Julie Hurewitz, at [email protected] / [email protected]

Community Solar (TCS & CDCS)

Jess Blue, at [email protected] 

Public Schools

Jozsef Raduly, at [email protected]

Equity Eligible Contractor

Conner Rettig, at [email protected]