ABP Community Solar Waitlists Updated

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Section of the IPA’s Revised Long-Term Plan requires that for waitlisted community solar projects to remain on the waitlist, Approved Vendors would have to provide documentation of having maintained site control and any applicable land use permits. These documents were required to be submitted to the Program Administrator by May 18, 2020.

The Program Administrator has now completed its review of the documents submitted by Approved Vendors and has posted updated community solar waitlists to the ABP community solar dashboard page. As a result of this process, the Group A community solar waitlist has decreased from 450 projects to 357 projects and the Group B community solar waitlist has decreased from 347 projects to 304 projects.

The Program Administrator would like to thank all of the Approved Vendors who have responded over the past several months to requests for clarifications and additional verification documentation as part of the process to ensure that this was a comprehensive and complete review process.

Under Section of the Revised Long-Term Plan, should funding become available to open new Adjustable Block Program blocks, 50% of any new community solar capacity will be allocated in accordance with the current ordinal community solar waitlists, for which these updated waitlists would be used. Please note that this does not mean that the Agency is planning to open new blocks of the Adjustable Block Program at this time. As outlined extensively in Chapter 3 of the Revised Long-Term Plan, obtaining RPS funding necessary for opening additional blocks in 2021 requires the passage of new legislation.