ABP Designee Registration Requirement and Functionality Training Presentation Recording and Slide Deck

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A webinar to introduce the Designee registration functionality and provide training on how to use it was recorded October 23, 2020 to ensure that all entities are prepared to utilize the functionality before it goes live. Approved Vendors and Designees may access the recorded presentation and slide deck here.  Please note that answers to questions asked during the webinar will be posted next week by the Program Administrator.

New Designees must register prior to working with any Approved Vendor. Existing designees of an Approved Vendor must register by Thursday, December 10, 2020 (which is 45 calendar days from the October 26, 2020 release of the Designee Registration functionality) to remain in compliance with Program requirements.

Approved Vendors are responsible for ensuring that both their Designees and Designees of their Designees register with the Program. Approved Vendors who fail to do so may be subject to disciplinary action. For example, if an Approved Vendor has an installer as a Designee, and that installer hires a lead generation firm to assist with marketing, the Approved Vendor is responsible for ensuring that the lead generation firm (in addition to the installer) registers with the Program. One benefit to Approved Vendors through this system is that they will know which downstream firms are working with their direct Designees and may be able to better monitor those firms’ behavior, as the Approved Vendor ultimately is responsible that each of the entities under its umbrella complies with Program requirements.

Please reach out to the Program Administrator at [email protected] or (877) 783-1820 with any questions.