Adjustable Block Program Timelines

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The Program Administrator has developed Program timelines to help Approved Vendors, Approved Vendor Designees, Program participants, and the members of the general public better understand the Illinois Adjustable Block Program. These timelines provide estimated timeframes for each step of the application, approval, and payment process. To provide the appropriate level of information about the Program for different audiences, two timelines are available:

  • Approved Vendor Adjustable Block Program Timeline – Detailed information about each step of the application, approval, and payment process with estimated processing times. Customized for Approved Vendors to help the Approved Vendors and their Designees better understand Adjustable Block Program processes.
  • Illinois Shines Program Timeline* – Summary of each step of the program with estimated processing times. This timeline is customized for use in customer (and potential customer) interactions to help them understand Program timing including REC payments. Additional context is provided about the Program to highlight areas where delays in application processing time are possible.

These timelines will be updated on a periodic basis to reflect updated estimated processing times and any programmatic changes.

*This document has been updated as of 4/4/22.  To view the new version click here.