Advance of Capital Evaluation Criteria – Final Criteria Posted

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The Illinois Power Agency would like to thank all stakeholders that provided comments on the Stakeholder Feedback Request – Proposed Advance of Capital Evaluation Criteria, published on October 31, 2023. The request for feedback outlined specific criteria for evaluating requests for an advance of capital for projects receiving a REC contract in the EEC Category for the 2022-23 and 2023-24 Program Years.

The final criteria and rationale document regarding the IPA’s decisions are found below and have been posted on the Equity Accountability System page of the Illinois Shines website.

Upon posting of this announcement the IPA will begin accepting new advance of capital requests through Part I applications. The Agency will also accept resubmitted advance of capital requests from EECs that included a request with a previous Part I application that were submitted before the temporary pause, adjusted to address the new evaluation criteria. However, the Program Administrator will not accept new advance of capital requests for projects that have already submitted a Part I application that did not include an advance of capital request at the time of submission.

Please resubmit advance of capital requests for current project applications using the existing email chain with the Program Administrator regarding the original request with subject line: EEC—Advance of Capital—Request for Clarification. If unable to locate the specific chain, please email [email protected] and include the project Application ID in the communication, along with a brief explanation that it is a resubmittal and attach the resubmitted advance of capital request documentation to ensure proper routing. As a reminder, any new advance of capital requests must be submitted along with the Part I application by uploading to “Request for Advance of Capital” in the document section of the Part I application. Once the Program Administrator has reviewed the resubmitted requests for advance of capital and made a determination, the project’s Part I application may proceed to verification (pending no other issues) and receive a REC contract reflecting the conclusion of the evaluation of the request for an advance if Program capacity is available