Group B EEC Block in Soft Close, Ongoing Portal and Operations Updates, and Consumer Protection Proposal Feedback

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The IPA announces new information related to Program News, Transition Updates, and other Requirements and Reminders. The full announcement is available here. Topics covered include the following:

Program News

  • Group B EEC Block Reaches Capacity, Soft Close Period Initiated
  • Ongoing Program Portal Updates
  • Ongoing Operations Updates

Transition Updates

  • Program Administrator Office Hours

Requirements and Reminders

  • Input Requested: Survey for Installers on Disposing and Recycling Solar Panels
  • Stakeholder Feedback – Consumer Protection Proposals
  • EEC Block Capacity – Long-Term Plan Reopening
  • Community Solar Projects – Requests for Data
  • Nightly Portal Maintenance Plan
  • Systems Out of Compliance for Failure to Deliver RECs – 90 Days to Comply