After receiving several inquiries from stakeholders, the Program Administrator has implemented an increase to the size band for changes to a Community Solar subscription within which a new disclosure form for Community Solar subscriptions is not required.

Previously, if the size of a Community Solar subscription submitted to the Program Administrator differed by more than the greater of 1 kW or 5% from the subscription size noted in that subscriber’s corresponding disclosure form, execution of a new disclosure form was required.  Effective April 2, 2021 the band requiring a new disclosure form has been increased to the greater of 2 kW or 10% from the subscription size noted in that subscriber’s original disclosure form.

If a subscription size change falls within the band but differs from the subscription size noted in the original disclosure form, the Approved Vendor or Designee shall send an email to the subscriber stating 1) the updated size of their Community Solar subscription, and 2) by how much it differs from the size recorded on the original disclosure form the subscriber signed.  Any change in the financial impact to the customer shall also be explained in that communication.

The change to the size band and this updated communications requirement will be included in the next quarterly update of the Program Guidebook.

Please reach out to the Program Administrator at [email protected] or 877-783-1820 with any questions.