Application Tips and Tools – 08/18/2023

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Following up from previous guidance, the Program Administrator continues to support stakeholders in avoiding project applications going into Need Info status. Below are several tips for stakeholders to keep in mind when filling out applications.

  • The Program Administrator continues to identify the most common causes of Need Info requests resulting from AV submission on project applications. These include:
    • Double check that the system size is entered in kW (not Watts).
    • If a customer does not have an email address, AVs/Designees need to fill out a DF email address waiver. The AV/Designee email address should not be entered in the customer email address field.
    • Consider having the DF open when entering the application information. If information is entered that is different from what is on the DF, please add a comment in the Part I Overview or in the Part II Differences section. Unexplained data discrepancies between the DF and the application results in a high percentage of applications moving to Need Info status.