Application Tips and Tools – 08/25/2023

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Following up from previous guidance, the Program Administrator continues to support stakeholders in avoiding project applications going into Need Info status. Below are several tips for stakeholders to keep in mind when filling out applications.

  • The Program Administrator continues to identify common causes of Need Info requests resulting from AV submission on project applications. Here are some common issues that result in delays while information is verified.
    • Plot map and the application show different azimuth of arrays
    • Plot map and the application show a different number of modules
    • AC size between the Disclosure Form and the application vary by more than the allowable amount
    • Installer is not registered as a Designee of the AV (for projects that are already installed)
    • Plot map does not match the application because the wrong document was uploaded
    • Proof of site control is missing a signature or a date
    • Property owner on the Disclosure Form and/or application does not match the name on the site control and the relationship is not specified in Part I, Section 6

As a reminder, when Approved Vendors are aware of differences between the information on the Disclosure Form and the application or supporting documents, please be proactive and explain them in the comment section of Part I Overview or Part II Differences. This is very helpful and will likely result in quicker application validation.