Application Tips and Tricks – Overview Comments 

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Supplementing previous guidance, the Program Administrator seeks to continue supporting stakeholders in the avoidance of project applications entering Need Info status. 

  • Overview Comments – Adding comments to the application overview may prevent many types of Need Info delays. Overview comments may be used to explain changes, relationships, and discrepancies. Examples of comments to provide additional clarification include: 
    • Providing an explanation on why the name on the Proof of Site Control is different from the name on the Interconnection Agreement. One example would be: Jack Baker and Jane Miller are a married couple. If a comment is not made explaining the relationship between the two names, the application would go to Need Info
    • Indicating that the installer has changed from the DF to Part I or from Part I to Part II. This would go to Need Info unless overview comments are used to explain the change. An example of this comment would be: The installer is Company ABC. Business XYZ uses its services as a subcontractor and obtains the documentation for the customer
    • The AC size changes, requiring a new DF to be signed. The overview comments can be used to alert the processor that a new DF has already been signed. This type of comment would include: A new DF (12345) has been signed due to change in AC size
    • Keep in mind that applications must still meet requirements; overview comments cannot be used to circumvent Program requirements.