Approved Vendor Annual Report Training Material

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Section 6.17 of the Revised Long-Term Plan describes an Annual Report requirement for each Approved Vendor:

On an annual basis, each Approved Vendor is required to submit an Annual Report of the contracts and systems in its portfolio. The Annual Report serves as the basis for verifying that RECs from projects are being delivered to the applicable utility, and, absent corrective actions taken by the Approved Vendor, will be used to determine what actions should be taken by the utilities to enforce the contractual requirements that RECs are delivered, including, but not limited to, drawing on collateral. Additionally, the Annual Report will be used by the Agency to consider the ongoing eligibility of an Approved Vendor to continue participation in the program.

The Program Administrator has created training material to assist Approved Vendors in completing the Annual Report. The training material can be accessed here.

Please reach out to the Program Administrator at (877) 783-1820 or [email protected] with any questions regarding the annual reporting process.