August 17, 2023

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Market Facing Enhancements:

  • Update ‘Required Part 2 Documents’ Table when conditions change to remove documents that are no longer required
    When completing a Part 2 Application, if an Approved Vendor revises answers to previously completed questions that had triggered a document requirement, but the revised answer should not require that document, the table will now update to remove the document requirement if the given document has not already been uploaded/attached. This should simplify the Part 2 application submission process.
  • Show ‘Subject to prevailing wage’ field to Approved Vendors (AVs)
    Subject to Prevailing Wage field will be made visible to AVs on Part 2, Section 3 of the project application. This field is derived based on project data and will not be editable by AVs. For all projects subject to prevailing wage, AVs will be required to upload Certified Transcripts of Payroll during part 2 submission.
  • Make prevailing wage document required
    AVs will be required to upload their ‘Certified Transcripts of Payroll’ documents during Part II application submission for all projects that are subject to prevailing wage.

Market Facing BugFix:

  • API Bugfix: Create Disclosure Form – Invoice Type field: correct selection mapping.
    Scope: This issue was specific to the API which allows AVs and Designee companies to build integrations between their own custom software applications and the IL Shines Portal. This issue DID NOT affect users who were logging into the IL Shines Portal directly to create Disclosure Forms either by filing in forms on the portal manually or uploading a CSV template.
    Issue: When an API call made to create a disclosure form included the key value pair ‘”invoice_type” : “Customer chooses paper or electronic”,’, the Disclosure form created had the Invoice Type of ‘Electronic’
    Correction: When an the API call is made to create a disclosure form that includes the key value pair ‘”invoice_type” : “Customer chooses paper or electronic”,’  the Disclosure form created will have the Invoice Type ‘Customer chooses paper or electronic’