August 3, 2023

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Market Facing Enhancements:

  • New Feature: Copy a Disclosure Form
    Feature gives AVs and Designees the ability to make a copy of DFs created after June 1, 2023. From the DF Dashboard (menu> Vendor/Designee> Disclosure Forms> View), the AV or Designee may select the ellipses menu (…) under the action column on the row of the record they would like to copy and then select the “Make a copy of form” option. The user will then be taken to the new form and allowed to make revisions/edits. Please note, this feature is not available for DFs created before June 1, 2023.
  • Shorten Character lengths in Portal Form to create CS Disclosure Forms
    Previously when too much data was entered in specific fields on CS disclosure forms the layout of the PDF version of the Disclosure form was negatively effected. To preserve the designed PDF layout, field limits on CS Disclosure Forms have been revised as follows:
    • “The method and formula that will be used to determine the energy supply rate over the full term of the CS subscription” changed from 2000 characters to 500 characters.
    • “Provide details about dollar amount and the frequency or basis of guaranteed bill credits for subscription” changed from 200 characters to 40 characters.
    • “Additional circumstances that allow for early termination other than moving outside your electric service utility territory” changed from 2000 characters to 120 characters.
    • “Please explain advanced notice requirements” changed from 2000 characters to 120 characters.
    • “Please explain how fee or penalty will be applied” changed from 2000 characters to 120 characters.
    • Fee (Name) changed from 200 characters to 50 characters.
    • Fee (When Application) changed from 200 characters to 75 characters.
  • Range Estimate added to DG PPA and Lease Disclosure Forms
    Estimated Range for Value of Electricity Generated by your Project will now be displayed on DG Lease and DG PPA Disclosure Forms. The range estimate will be based on the formula Total Years + Total Months / 12 *0.005.

Market Facing Bugfixes:

  • Specific Legacy Part 1 Proj Applications’ Section 1 are unviewable
    Previously, there were a few specific Part 1 Project Applications imported from the legacy portal which did not properly display the Section 1 Project Location data on AVs’ application view, and had the “Revisit” and “Close” buttons missing. This was preventing AVs from being able to submit their In Progress apps, and the hidden data could not be corrected by Application Processors. AVs will now be able to view and edit these applications’ Part 1 Section 1 data and resubmit the Part 1 Applications.
  • Land use permit or waiver required for ground-mounted systems larger than 250 kW AC in Part 1 Applications
    The document upload section of part 1 applications will now require attachment of a land use permit or waiver document for ground-mounted systems larger than 250 kW AC. This will streamline the application approval process by ensuring the supporting documentation necessary is supplied at initial submission.
  • DG Disclosure Forms should always require Utility Fields.
    Validation rules were updated on the DG Disclosure Forms to ensure that (1) a value for Utility is always selected, and (2) that if Other is selected for a Rural Electric Cooperative or Municipal Utility, that the Utility Name is always required.
  • Label for “Utility Name” and “Utility Group” fields not always readable on DG Disclosure Forms.
    Previously depending on your screen resolution it was not always possible to read the question preceding the fields for “Utility Name” and “Group” that are conditionally required when “Other” is selected for a Rural Electric Cooperative or Municipal Utility. These questions were shortened to accommodate the page layout and always be readable so users will know what is being asked for.