Change to ABP Metering Requirements

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The metering requirements for Adjustable Block Program projects have been updated as described in Section 6.12.2 of the IPA’s Revised Long-Term Plan. Previously, all systems registered in M-RETS were required to utilize an ANSI C.12 certified revenue grade meter regardless of system size. M-RETS has updated their operating rules to no longer require revenue grade meters and therefore the ABP metering requirements now reflect that change.

Systems registered in M-RETS now follow the same ABP metering requirements as applies to systems registered in GATS, which are as follows:

  • Systems over 25 kW must utilize a new meter that meets ANSI C.12 standards.
  • Systems over 10 kW and less than 25 kW in size must utilize a meter that meets ANSI C.12 standards. Meters that are refurbished (and certified by the meter supplier) are allowed.
  • Systems of 10 kW in size and below must utilize either a meter that is accurate to +/‐ 5% (including refurbished and certified meters), or an inverter that is specified by the manufacturer to be accurate to +/‐5%. The inverter must be UL‐certified and must include either a digital or web‐based output display.

Please contact the Program Administrator at [email protected] or (877) 783-1820 with any questions.