Change to customer e-mail requirement on ABP Disclosure Forms

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The Illinois Power Agency has decided to implement a change related to the inclusion of customer e-mail addresses on Adjustable Block Program Disclosure Forms. This is in response to a request made by an Approved Vendor. The requirement to include a customer e-mail address on Adjustable Block Program Disclosure Forms may be waived subject to the condition that a Disclosure Form submitted to the Program without a customer e-mail address must be accompanied by a signed standard waiver. The waiver must be executed by the customer verifying that the customer does not have an e-mail address. This waiver confirming that the customer does not have an e-mail address will need to be signed by the customer with a wet signature to be considered acceptable by the Program Administrator.

Prior to allowing Disclosure Forms to be submitted without an e-mail address, the standard waiver will be developed by the Program Administrator and programing changes made to the Disclosure Form API. Therefore, this option will not be available to Approved Vendors immediately. The Program Administrator will publish an announcement to Approved Vendors once the waiver is finalized and ready for use by Approved Vendors.