Current Status of the Adjustable Block Program

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With the closure of Small DG Block 3 for Groups A and B in December 2020, all available Adjustable Block Program capacity has been allocated. New Small DG, Large DG, and Community Solar project applications submitted to the Program are being added to a waitlist. Opening additional blocks of the Adjustable Block Program will require the authorization of additional funding by the Illinois General Assembly.

To ensure that Illinois residents and businesses who may be considering developing or hosting solar projects are fully aware that incentive funding is unavailable and all new Distributed Generation project applications are being added to a waitlist, we have released updates to the following documents and posted the following additional FAQs:

Additionally, the IPA has released an FAQ regarding REC delivery contracts currently held by Approved Vendors and how RPS funding for the 2021-22 delivery year may impact these contracts.

Please ensure that the current version of each of these documents is used when being provided to a customer, and that the posted FAQs are available for the customer’s reference.