December 13, 2023

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Market Facing Enhancements:

Validation when bi-facial question not answered on arrays
This enhancement adds a validation to array details sections (Part II, Section 4 and Part II, Section 1) where section cannot be completed until bi-facial question is answered for each array.

Part II: Validations This feature adds program specific validations into the Part II
This feature adds program specific validations into the Part II application. These validations will serve to help users get instant feedback when entering project specifications that are outside the bounds of the Program. Validations include but are not limited to:

  • Warning message will appear if “ANSI C.12” is not selected as the metering standard for a project with AC inverter size > 10 kW AC.
  • Warning message will appear if Inverter Size AC kW changes by more than the greater of 25% or 5 kW from the size noted on Part I. The warning message will display the value originally entered on Part I.
  • GATS Unit IDs must be in the format NON###### and cannot be NON000000.
  • M-RETS Unit IDs must be in the format M##### with the letter M followed by four or five numbers and cannot be M0000.

New Disclosure Forms (DF) submitted missing required data: DG-CSV (2) – [93. 15- year capacity factor must be less than 100.] and check validation errors for UI generated forms
This enhancement adds a validation check for the Capacity Factor calculation in the DG CSV templates in that it only allows values less than or equal to 100. This enhancement should help catch any bad data entered in fields whose values are used in calculating Capacity Factor.

Pricing Table: Rounding issue with base prices in DG purchase form – 883 comment
This enhancement updates the release updates the retail rate prices to include decimal places up to the third place. This will allow more precise retail rates to be displayed in the DG price to compare section of the PDF documents.

Refund Date – Modify Refund Date Verbiage & Allow backdating
This enhancement modified verbiage of CS DF Refund date question from “Date subscriber will receive a refund if the CS project is not completed or energized” to “Date that triggers refund if CS project is not completed or energized”. Also modified field validation to allow backdating.

DG API: Create DG DF (Key/Values for DG)
This enhancement provides an API Endpoint for submitting DG DFs. Feature will allow users to submit a Purchase, Lease, and or PPA DF and have it automatically be sent to the end user.

DG API: Request DF Data
This enhancement of the get disclosure end-point of the DF API, originally developed for CS projects, has been updated to support retrieval of DFs related to DG projects. AVs with access to the API can find additional documentation in the Greenhouse portal.

Market Facing Bugfixes:

DG Purchase DF – Guide to Going Solar brochure conditionality
This fix ensures “Guide to Going Solar” brochure information will only be added to DG DF PDFs when the DF being generated is for a Purchase Project with a REC incentive being passed on to the customer. Currently this additional information is included for all DG DFs, regardless of relevance. This change will shorten DFs by two pages when the information is not applicable.

CS DF API: Retrieve DF – Calculated Values Returned
For this bug fix in the CS API, “Estimated bill credits for first year” values should match between API and PDF generated, and all calculated values in DF should be returned by API call.