Designee Reminders

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Approved Vendor and Designee Communication Expectations

The Program Administrator has encountered recent instances of Approved Vendors relying on Program announcements to keep their Designees informed of ABP requirements and updates. While such announcements are for the benefit of all stakeholders, including both Approved Vendors and their Designees, it is the Approved Vendor’s responsibility to ensure that their Designees are trained and fully informed of all ABP requirements, new releases of Program documents, and any other Program updates.

The Program Administrator may request copies of emails or trainings that Approved Vendors have provided to their Designees. Approved Vendors thus should be sure to maintain records of such communications or trainings to document the efforts taken to ensure that Designees are well informed and aware of all Program updates.

Designee Registration

Approved Vendors should also ensure that their Designees are registered with the Program in all the relevant roles they perform for an Approved Vendor. More information on the various Designee roles and how to register as a Designee with the Program can be found here. Proper Designee registration is particularly important for Designees of Approved Vendors with Community Solar projects. The Designee roles Disclosure Form Designee and Community Solar Subscriber Agent Designee allow Designees to generate Disclosure Forms and manage the subscribers of a community solar project on behalf of an Approved Vendor. Designees that are not properly registered under these roles will not be able to perform these functions in the ABP Portal.

Please reach out to the Program Administrator at [email protected] or (877) 783-1820 with any questions regarding Designee registration or communication expectations for Approved Vendors.