EEC Single Project AV Clarification

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As previously announced, Equity-Eligible Persons (“EEPs”) that serve as the majority-owner of an Equity Eligible Contractor (“EEC”) AV may not submit additional requests to certify EEC AVs for which they serve as the majority-owner EEP, except for the case of Single-Project AVs (“SPAVs”) as provided under the 2024 Long-Term Plan. The IPA received inquiries as to whether an EEC-AV may serve as the majority owner of an EEC-certified Single-Project Approved Vendor, rather than an individual EEP serving as the majority owner. The Agency recognizes the important role SPAVs can play in the successful development of projects and does not intend to limit an EEP’s ability to utilize business practices available to non-EEPs.  The Agency does not believe it would further the objectives of the Equity Accountability System or the Equity Eligible Contractor category to require EEC SPAVs to be owned by an individual EEP rather than an EEC-AV. Therefore, the Program Administrator will allow EEC-AVs to serve as the majority-owner of EEC SPAVs moving forward.