EEC Subcontractor Application Opens June 3, 2024

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Registration for Equity Eligible Contractor (EEC) Subcontractors, a new distinction in the Program, will be open on June 3, 2024. The EEC Subcontractor category is for businesses that qualify as an EEC and seek to participate in the Program but do not yet have a relationship with an AV and/or do not have a customer-facing role for projects submitted to the Program (like Designees). Subcontractors may register as an EEC Subcontractor and will be listed on the Program website and the Agency’s Energy Workforce Equity Portal for reference. Such subcontractors need to work with an AV or registered Designee to participate in the Program. The registration process for EEC Subcontractors will be subject to the same eligibility criteria as described in Section 2.B of the Program Guidebook.   

Please note that the EEC Designee(s)/Subcontractor(s) must be named at the Part I application. Applicants may demonstrate this commitment in the application by providing documents including but not limited to: Letter of intent signed by all parties, contract, other legal agreement between parties, etc. As the addition of the EEC Subcontractor designation is new this Program Year and the application will not be available prior to June 3, 2024, the Agency will allow for EEC Subcontractors where an EEC Application has not yet been submitted to satisfy this requirement. If this allowance is to be utilized, the named EEC Subcontractor application must be submitted and approved as an EEC prior to the scoring period for applications (which takes place after initial project application review per schedule outlined below).