February 21, 2024

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Enhancements, Features and Bug Fixes

DG API – Create Disclosure Form DG Enhancement – Update Party Enums to replace Seller with Lessor for Lease Forms only

The API Endpoint to create DG Disclosure Forms has been updated to also accept the value of “Lessor” in several DG Disclosure Form fields to identify the responsible party for various deliverables (EG: Interconnection Party, Warranty Party, etc). The additional value will only be accepted for Projects where the project type of “Lease” is selected. The value of “Seller” should continue to be used for Purchase and PPA projects. This will allow the API to more closely reflect the current behavior of CSV Upload and Web Portal generated DG Disclosure Forms. No non-API related functionality is affected.

Public School Part I Application Changes

This enhancement changes the text for several questions in the Public School section of Part I. These changes including modifying the text of existing Public School questions, adding two new conditionally required questions, and updating links to match the most current URLs.

PVWatts: Add Bifaciality

This enhancement adds the option for adding bifacial modules in projects.