February 7, 2024

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Market Facing Enhancements, Features, and Bug Fixes

DG Disclosure Form Portal Forms Bugfix: Generic Error Message prevents actionable validation errors from displaying
This enhancement applies to error messaging within the “Project Design Specifications” section of DG Disclosure Forms. Previously, if any required fields were left blank, the Disclosure Form would give a generic pop-up error message. The Disclosure Form will now highlight the specific fields that were missed and how to rectify any mistakes that were made.

Show file names for attached documents
The names of attached files will be displayed below the file type in the documents section of Part I and Part II applications. This will help AVs and application processors know which file is attached.

PPA & Lease Annual Escalation Rate Guidance
This enhancement will add more accurate in field example guidance for the Annual Escalation Rate field in the PPA and Lease Disclosure Forms. By providing more accurate guidance, the Program Administrator should see less errors in PPA & Lease Disclosure Forms and more accurate estimate savings values in the PDF.

PPA Disclosure Form PDF Cosmetic Update: PPA Rates stored in $/kWh (x.xxxxx $/kWh) on the rate should display in cents/kWh (xxx.xxx Cents/kWh)
This enhancement applies to the PPA Disclosure Form in the way the first payment and final payment rates are displayed in the PDF document. The first and final payments will be displayed in cents rather than dollars.

Associate Disclosure Form PDFs on S3 to Disclosure Form ID
This ticket will associate all the PDF copies of the CS Workaround Disclosure Form loaded to S3 to the Workaround Disclosure Form data that was loaded to the Portal. Once released, the view the CS Disclosure Form on the Portal will also have the Disclosure Form as a signed copy (If the Disclosure Form PDFs do not have signatures for any Disclosure Form, they will still show under ‘signed’ as they were expected to be completed and signed. During the Program Administrators review they will reach out to AVs or Designees in case signatures are missing).