Special Announcement: System Maintenance Completed; Portal Availability Has Resumed

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Earlier today, the Program portal was placed into maintenance mode when the Program Administrator discovered that due to an error, a script was inadvertently initiated that changed the displayed project status of many Part II applications (e.g., from Submitted to In Progress). The Program Administrator verified that no other project data, including application submission date, was changed as a result of the script, and the Program Administrator has successfully resolved the issue and restored the correct project status of Part II applications. A very small number of records were manually adjusted, to correct the submitted date, for cases where a portal user who encountered the incorrect project status re-submitted an application today. The Program Administrator regrets the error, and the inconvenience users may have experienced during the portal outage, which lasted from approximately 12:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. CPT.

Should you have any questions about your project application(s) or require additional support, please contact the Program Administrator at .