Group B Large DG Block 2 Closing

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The Illinois Power Agency (“IPA”) and Program Administrator announce that Block 2 for the Group B, Large Distributed Generation (“DG”) project category (i.e. DG projects from 10 kW-2MW) is closing. Block 2 will remain open for the next 14 days per the Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan’s “soft closing” concept which states that blocks will be “held open until the later of (i) 45 calendar days after opening, or (ii) when the block is filled (in which case the block would be held open for an additional 14 additional calendar days after it is filled).”

Block 2 will close Friday, April 5, 2019 at 5:00 PM Central Prevailing Time. Assuming available capacity, projects in batches submitted during this 14-day window will receive Block 2 pricing if the project application is approved by the Program Administrator, with approval subject to the availability of capacity within this category (capped by the combined capacity of Blocks 2 and 3) plus any discretionary capacity allocated to Group B, Large DG that is announced. Once the 14-day window has concluded, Block 2 will be considered closed and Block 3 will open, to the extent that any Block 3 capacity remains available. Once the combined capacity of Blocks 1-3 has been reached, batches will be considered on a first come/first served basis, and will be deemed eligible for any Block 4 discretionary capacity allocated to the Group B, Large DG category on that basis should the Agency allocate discretionary capacity to Group B, Large DG.

Consistent with the process described in the paragraph A.2 of the Program Guidebook, all Group B, Large DG projects that applied to the Adjustable Block Program in the first 14 days after Program opening (January 30, 2019) will receive Block 1 pricing if the project application is approved. Because the capacity of project applications received during those 14 days (approximately 97 MW) was at least 100% and under 200% of Block 1 capacity, Block 2 in the Group B, Large DG category opened automatically after the first 14 days.

The IPA expects to announce its allocation of discretionary capacity next week, which will provide additional Program capacity at Block 4 pricing.

As a reminder, Group A, Large DG, and both Group A and Group B, Community Solar categories will be subject to the lottery procedures, with each of those three lotteries scheduled for April 10, 2019. Groups A and B, Small DG remain open in Block 1.