Group B Small DG Block 2 capacity reached

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Block 2 for the Group B Small Distributed Generation (“DG”) project category (i.e., DG projects up to and including 10 kW AC) has been filled. Block 2 will remain open for 7 calendar days per the soft-close provision in Section 6.3.2 of the Revised Long-Term Plan approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission on February 18, 2020.

Group B Small DG batches submitted prior to November 16, 2020 at 5:00 PM Central Prevailing Time will be allocated to Block 2, provided that the application fee is paid within 10 business days following submittal. Once the 7-day window of the soft-close has concluded, Block 2 will be considered closed and Block 3 will open. Group B Small DG applications submitted on or after November 16, 2020 at 5:00 PM Central Prevailing Time will be allocated to Block 3 and if verified will receive Block 3 REC pricing. The Program Administrator will make another announcement on the date of the opening of Block 3 for Group B Small DG.

The capacity allocated to Block 2 during this soft-close period impacts the capacity available for Block 3. Any applications submitted as part of a paid batch during the soft close period that exceed the capacity of Group B Small DG Block 2 will be deducted from the 13 MW capacity of Group B Small DG Block 3. For example, if 2 MW of capacity in excess of the capacity of Group B Block 2 is allocated during the soft-close period, Group B Small DG Block 3 will have an opening capacity of 11 MW, rather than the initial capacity noted above.

If capacity allocated during the soft-close period exceeds the total capacity of Group B Block 3, the submitted application that exceeds that capacity, as well as all other applications submitted in a paid batch prior to 11:59 PM Central Prevailing Time on the date of capacity being exceeded, will be allocated to Block 3 up to a cap of 2 MW of additional Block 3 capacity (this 2 MW cap is similar to the previously announced Block Closing Protocol released in anticipation of the closing of Large DG Block 4, which included a cap of 5 MW, with this difference in size intended to better match the smaller size of Small DG Block 3). This 2 MW cap would likewise apply to the closing of Block 3 if the soft closing of Block 2 does not exceed Block 3 capacity.

All subsequently submitted applications will be placed on a waitlist as the Block will be considered closed.  At this time, there is no schedule for opening future Small DG blocks under Group B.