Group B Small DG Block 3 closed

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On December 14, 2020 an application was submitted that exceeded the available capacity in Group B Small DG Block 3. This application and all other applications for this Group/category submitted in a paid batch on or prior to 11:59 PM Central Prevailing Time on that date were allocated to Block 3 up to a cap of 2 MW of additional Block 3 capacity, with the application that crossed the 2 MW cap allocated to Block 3 in its entirety. The additional capacity allocated to Block 3 is 1.547 MW.

All subsequently submitted applications for Group B Small DG will be placed on a waitlist as the Block is now closed. Please refer to the announcement of the Block closing protocol on for more details on waitlist management.

At this time there is not a schedule for the opening of a future block of capacity for Group B Small DG. As outlined extensively in Chapter 3 of the IPA’s Revised Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan, obtaining RPS funding necessary for opening additional blocks in 2021 would require passing new legislation.