Illinois Shines Introduces New Combined Program Website

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The Illinois Power Agency and Program Administrator announce the launch of the new public website, which will be deployed the morning of July 27, 2023. A centerpiece of the Illinois Shines brand refresh that began in April, the new site combines, transforms, and expands information previously available at the Program’s two public web sites. This new site will replace and combining both into a singular site for all users. The re-designed offers an inclusive and resource-rich website to better serve stakeholders and share Program information, with dynamic educational materials for prospective and current solar customers, and in-depth Program information for existing and potential Approved Vendors, Designees, and other interested stakeholders.

Please note, the new website transition only impacts the external, public-facing Program web presence, and does not impact the Program portal where Disclosure Forms are generated and applications are submitted; the portal remains fully available at: As the website transition is to occur on July 27, 2023, users may experience a slight outage of the external website (expected between 11 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. CPT); this will not impact the portal which will be accessible all day without any outages at the link above.

All vendor resources currently available at will be available at the new website, with links automatically redirecting from the site to provide a seamless experience to users. Both the existing and sites will be sunset after the transition.

Features and highlights of the launch version of the new include:

  • Consumer and vendor content in one site, separated by different menu bars, offering distinct content of importance for each audience, while providing transparency on Program communications and materials
  • Greater content organization and explanatory information to better guide prospective Illinois Shines customers through an understanding of solar basics, and Illinois Shines, including incentives, project types, and financing options
  • Use of page “hubs” to support more specific information sharing and understanding on key areas including consumer protection, and the Program’s six project categories, and to support shorter Program announcements and more
  • Dynamic consumer content including a user-driven Disclosure Form “Deep Dive” tool to increase consumer understanding of required Program disclosures
  • Introduction of ADA-accessible versions of Program brochures, with additional accessible content to be added at the website
  • All current Program email addresses and mailboxes using the domain (e.g., Admin, Support, Consumer Protection, Sector-specific emails) will continue to function with communications reaching the Program Administrator without interruption, but the Program will begin introducing updated addresses using the domain, while gradually sunsetting the displayed use of No email interruption will be experienced by stakeholders regardless of which email address domain is used
  • A Spanish-language translation toggle for the website will soon be introduced

All archival documents from the current and have been preserved and remain available, and all relevant links should redirect to the new site; this crosswalk document identifies current content at both websites, and the associated new location or presentation of information where users can find the content at the new Users encountering a problematic link or redirect, or who have questions, are encouraged to contact the Program Administrator.

The new is designed to serve all stakeholders and continue the growth of Illinois Shines and clean, equitable energy in Illinois. The site will be continuously maintained and enhanced with new content, tools, and resources. Feedback and any questions may be shared with the Program Administrator at any time.