Interested in Serving Stranded Illinois Shines Distributed Generation Customers

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The Program Administrator has compiled a list of Approved Vendors and Designees interested in serving “stranded customers.” An announcement was released on January 18, 2023, requesting Approved Vendors and Designees submit interest to be included on a shortlist for stranded customers. This list is used to communicate with affected customers and assist them in finding another Approved Vendor and/or Designee.

This announcement serves as a reminder that the Program Administrator is continuing to review submissions on a rolling basis for entities interested in serving stranded customers. The Program Administrator is especially interested in identifying Approved Vendors and/or installer Designees that are willing to assist stranded customers specifically with project maintenance/repair work. Please see the full Request for Approved Vendors and Designees here, including details regarding the opportunity to support stranded customers, eligibility requirements, and anticipated responsibilities.