July 26, 2023

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Market Facing Enhancements:

  • Allow AVs to download documents attached to Part II Project Applications regardless of application status
    Previously AVs could download all documents in Part I, regardless of status, and they could also download documents for Part II applications once the project was submitted but not while the application was ‘In Progress’. Now AVs will have the ability to download all Project Application documents regardless of status including documents for Part II applications while the application is ‘In Progress’.

Market Facing Bugfixes:

  • Community Solar DF API not saving Termination_Application field
    Previously, when new Community Solar DF were submitted via the API (an integration from AV’s software) and they included a value for Termination_Application, that field was not being saved in the DF. This has been corrected and values sent for Termination_Application on new create_disclosure API requests will be saved in the DF created.