June 3, 2023

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Market Facing BugFixes:

  • Updated Character limits for Disclosure Form CSV upload process (ILABP-1145)
    5 fields in the disclosure forms allowed different lengths of answers when using the CSV upload process verses creating the disclosure form manually. The lengths of values entered through the CSV upload process have been updated to match the portal versions of the forms. Character limits as follows:
    • PPALease.InsuranceLossDamage – max length = 300 characters
    • Purchase.InsuranceLossDamage – max length = 300 characters
    • PPALease.PropertyTransferRequirements – max length = 400 characters
    • PPALease.ProjectGaurantee – max length = 400 characters
    • Purchase.ProjectGaurantee – max length = 400 characters
  • Corrected CSV Template for “Distributed Generation – Project Lease” (ILABP-1143)
    Issue: On the Portal Page to Upload a Disclosure Form from a csv file (Disclosure Forms > Upload from Template) the “Download Template” button for “Distributed Generation – Project Lease” was downloading the “Distributed Generation – Power Purchase Agreement” template.
    Resolution: “Download Template” button for “Distributed Generation – Project Lease”  has been updated to provide the “Distributed Generation – Project Lease” csv template.
  • Project Application Form Section 7: non-CDCS projects requiring CDCS only questions be answered (ILABP-1137)
    Issue: in section 7, non-CDCS projects were being presented with the question “Does the project commit to only serve the subscribers in the same county in which the project is located?” as a mandatory field. This question only applies to CDCS projects.
    Resolution: Application form was updated to only show this question when the project is a CDCS project.