Uploading of Land Use Permits Where Applicable​

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Section 5.F of the Program Guidebook requires that ground-mounted systems larger than 250 kW AC must provide a land use permit from the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction). If a land use permit is not applicable, the Approved Vendor must provide written confirmation from the AHJ that no permit is required. The land use permit is required if more than 250kW of a system is ground-mounted.

The Agency clarifies that for submission of a Part I application requiring a land use permit, the Program portal does not include a field specifically labeled for “land use permit”. Relevant project applications should utilize the “additional upload” fields to attach the land use permit(s) or confirmation that none is required. For those applications which are submitted without the required land use permit documentation, the IPA will allow projects to submit the permit during the application review cure period. All land use permits that are submitted during the cure period must meet all other Program/application requirements.