October 13, 2023

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Market Facing Enhancements:

  • PVWatts error handling – address not found
    Market facing enhancement: Added error messaging during application submission when PVWatts fails to calculate due to issues with the address.
  • Validation Popup is Missing in Part2 (Section 1)
    Market Facing Enhancement: Part 2 Array information was allowing bifacial modules to be left blank.  Also, Part 2 minimum shading requirement was allowed to be left blank.  This fix added validations to require that information before allowing users to save.
  • The Proprietary Information Attestation on Project Applications moved to Part II
    The Proprietary Information attestation has been moved from Part I to after ‘Total Project Cost’ in Part II (Section 4), as this attestation should only apply to that question.

Market Facing Bugfixes:

  • AVs unable to re-enter missing data in  Part 2 apps with blank sections
    Several Part 2 Applications with blank values in sections 2-4 were not saving new values when revised. The revised data would cache in the user’s local browser and appear to have saved, but never save to the database. When the user logged out and back in, the original record in the database would display with the blank values. This has been corrected and changes to existing Part 2 application are now consistently saving to the database.
  • Part1/Section1 : Does not produce validation error for states other than IL
    Market Facing Bugfix: Part 1 Application Form should only allow Project Locations in the state of Illinois. When creating a Part 1 Application, the user was not being presented with a validation error when entering a state other than Illinois in the Project Location address details. This has been corrected and the system will now return a message “Projects can only be in Illinois. Please type IL or Illinois.” when a value other that IL is entered in the state field for the address of the Project Location.