October 26, 2023

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Market Facing Enhancements:

  • Disclosure Form Enhancement: Update Title/Heading on eSignature Model Pop-up
    This is a simple text change intended to improve usability/more specifically describe actions available on this page. The Title/Heading on the Pop-Up Form used to obtain an e-signature for a disclosure form or upload a PDF of a Signed Disclosure Form has been updated from “Edit Disclosure Form” to “Obtain Disclosure Form Signature”. This form can be accessed from the Disclosure Form Dashboard (Menu: Vendor>Disclosure Forms>View &  Menu: Designee>Disclosure Forms>View) by selecting the ellipsis menu in the Action Column of any disclosure form and selecting the “Obtain Signature” option.

Market Facing Bug Fix:

  • DF Purchase CSV Regression Fix: Column 87 is required when 86=yes on CSV
    DG Purchase Disclosure Form – In any of the DG CSV Uploads, Question 87 should not be required if Question 86 is answered “Yes”.