Part I and Part II ABP Application Changes

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The IPA’s Revised Long-Term Plan, published by the IPA on April 20, 2020, contains several changes to Part I and Part II of the ABP project application. The Program Administrator has implemented these changes which are now live. The following are details regarding each change:

Part I Changes

  • Providing a shading study is no longer a required upload for any application. (Upload removed from Part I)
  • Language is added to the application noting that an Interconnection Agreement (IA), required for systems >25 kW AC, must be signed by both the interconnection customer and the interconnecting utility. The IA must be dated on or prior to the date of submission of the application. (Clarification of existing Part I requirement)
  • Ground-mounted systems larger than 250 kW AC must provide a land use permit from the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction). If a land use permit is not applicable, the Approved Vendor must provide written confirmation from the AHJ that no permit is required. (New Part I upload)
  • Non-ministerial permits, other than the land use permit specified above for systems larger than 250 kW AC, are no longer required and have been removed from the Part I application. For those Approved Vendors and Designees that use the application CSV upload feature, non-ministerial permits have been made optional in the CSV, enabling you to continue to use the same CSV template without issue. (Uploads removed from Part I)

Part II Changes

  • The ICC Docket Number for the Certification of the DG Installer who is the installer of record is now required. (New required information in Part II)
  • For systems that include a battery, a detailed schematic must be provided showing that either only solar-generated power can be used to charge the battery or that the battery’s output does not run through the meter used to measure solar output. (New Part II upload)

Changes that apply to both Part I and Part II

  • Bifacial panels are now an option in the application. (New option for both Part I and Part II)

Should you have questions about any of these changes, please contact the Program Administrator at [email protected].