Part II Demonstration of Project Commitments and Permissible Changes

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As shared on January 18, 2024, TCS Part II project applications submitted during or after the 2022-2023 Program Year require demonstration and confirmation that commitments made in the Part I application, including those that resulted in higher project scoring and thus greater likelihood of contract award, were fulfilled throughout project development and installation. Some changes to Part I commitments are permitted but must be approved by the Program Administrator via a properly submitted change in commitment request in writing. Any inability to meet Part I commitments or Part I commitments allowed a permissible change is considered an event of default under the REC Delivery Contract, and as noted in the Program Guidebook, will result in the full forfeiture of collateral, and the system will be removed from the REC contract and thus unable to be Part II verified. See the announcement for details on documentation to be submitted to demonstrate fulfillment of Part I commitment, including permissible changes.