Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Pricing in Disclosure Forms (DF) – Entry Clarification

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In the PPA Disclosure Form, AVs and Designees are required to enter the starting and ending price per kWh for the PPA. The fields specify that the prices are in dollars ($). The Program Administrator has seen an increase in DFs generated with the price incorrectly entered – for example, if the price is 13 cents/kWh, it should be entered as $0.13/kWh, and NOT as $13.00/kWh. The Program Administrator encourages AVs and Designees with pending PPA applications to review their DFs to ensure these fields were appropriately completed. The Application Processing team will review DFs for this issue and will place incorrect DFs into Needs Info status. For any incorrectly completed DFs, the AV or Designee must generate and have the customer sign a new, corrected DF.