Program Guidebook Feedback Posted, Energy Workforce Equity Portal Training, Application Processing Update

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The IPA announces new information related to Program News, Ongoing Operations Updates, Application Processing Updates, Ongoing Program Portal Updates, and other Requirements and Reminders. The full announcement is available here. Topics covered include the following:
Program News
  • Traditional Community Solar Score Audit and Appeal Update
  • REC Pricing Updates
  • Program Guidebook Feedback
  • Energy Workforce Equity Portal Training
Ongoing Operations Updates
  • Schedule B Generation and Availability via Approved Vendor SharePoint Folders
  • April REC Invoicing Opened April 1, 2023
  • Confirm Contact Information
Application Processing Updates
  • Application Processing Table
  • Community-Driven Community Solar Application Review and Scoring Process
Ongoing Program Portal Updates
  • Updates on Portal Issues, Improvements, and Future Releases
Requirements and Reminders
  • Systems Out of Compliance for Failure to Deliver RECs – 90 Days to Comply
  • Minimum Equity Standard – Compliance Plans and Waivers
  • Stakeholder Feedback
  • EEC Block Capacity – Long-Term Plan Reopening
  • 3G Cell Pack Switch Out
  • Program Administrator Office Hours