Program Guidebook Update – Request for Stakeholder Comment

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A draft updated Adjustable Block Program Guidebook has been released for stakeholder feedback. The draft updated Program Guidebook and a redlined document showing changes from the May 31, 2019 version can be found here . As detailed in Section 9 of the current Program Guidebook, the Program Administrator is requesting comments on the changes in this draft version of the Program Guidebook. In lieu of hosting a webinar to discuss any changes made to this version of the Guidebook, the IPA and its Program Administrator are happy to provide answers to any questions or otherwise receive less formal input or feedback outside of the formal comment process, if necessary.

Stakeholders should email comments to [email protected] by Friday, September 4, 2020 (extended from Friday, August 21, 2020). In general, responses will be made public and published on the ABP’s website ( However, should a commenter seek to designate any portion of its response as confidential, that commenter should provide both public and redacted versions of their comments. The Program Administrator has provided a Word document version of the draft Program Guidebook in the case that stakeholders wish to edit the document directly and send an edited version of this document to the Program Administrator.

Key changes in this draft version of the Program Guidebook include, among others:

  • Updates to conform with the Revised Long-Term Renewable Resources Plan
  • Information on Designee Registration
  • Clarification on the Program’s disciplinary process
  • Removal of stale sections that are no longer relevant to the Program as it exists today