Program Year 2023-24 Community-Driven Community Solar (CDCS) – 10/6 Update

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The Program Administrator has completed the Application Review and Scoring Period for all 2023-24 CDCS applications ahead of the original schedule and Preliminary Scores were shared today, October 6. Preliminary Scores are not published on the Program website but are shared with individual AVs who submitted applications. AVs now have two weeks, until 11:59 p.m. CPT on October 23, 2023, to cure all scoring Need Info requests. The Agency shares the following revised, anticipated 2023-2024 CDCS project selection schedule:

Project Selection PhaseOriginal TimelineRevised Timeline
Application Review8/31/23 – 9/22/238/31/23 – 9/22/23
Application Cure Period & Application Scoring9/23/23 – 10/27/239/23/23 – 10/6/23
Release Preliminary Scores10/27/2310/6/23
Application Scoring Cure Period10/28/23 – 11/10/2310/6/23 – 10/23/23
Release scores, begin two-week appeal period11/15/2310/30/23
Deadline for AVs to submit appeals to Program Administrator12/1/2311/13/23
Appeal determinations released to AVs and any changes will be published on the website12/15/2311/29/23
Random selection event for projects with tied scores (if necessary)12/20/2312/6/23
Final scores published12/22/2312/6/23